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 She sat there, tensely, looking at him. She'd forgotten just how beautiful he is. He smiled sweetly at her. He reached out and stroked her face with his hand. "I missed you so much." She blushed and looked down. It seems like it's been forever since she felt his touch. Heard his voice.

"I missed you too. I really did."  He moved closer to her. He lifted her chin and kissed her softly. She sighed softly, tasting him. She'd forgotten how soft and sweet his lips were, how perfectly delisious he tasted. He moved over her slowly, placing his hand on her neck.

He kissed her harder, pushing her onto her back. He slowly moved his hand down her side, grabbing her hip. She moaned in his throat. He growled back, breaking the kiss finding her neck. He nipped along her neck, down to her collar bone, tracing his tongue in swirling patterns.

She wrapped her arms around his back, breathing heavy, tilting her neck to the side, allowing him easier access. He gnawed his was back up her neck, sucking and biting and her soft skin. She smelled of vanilla, he noticed, inhaling her sent, sending warmth threw his whole body.

He licked her neck hard, leaving with a hard bite. She moaned and grabbed the cloth of his shirt tightly. He laughed and kissed at her chest. He kissed over her breast, slowly tracing his tongue from one to the next. His hand moved down lower, lifting her shirt.

"sit up a sec, love." he breathed. He lifted  it over her head and tossed it away. His hands crawled up her back, finding her bra hook. He effortlessly unhooked it and tossed it aside as well. His mouth found her breast again, greedily gnawing at them, tasting her flesh.

He sucked, softly biting and licking at her nipple. He kissed to the other, repeating the intoxicating processes over again. He moved, kissing down her stomach, finding her waist, licking from hip to hip. He unfastened her jeans kissing down further, gingerly moving his hand along the outside of her underwear.

She groaned, watching him pull her jeans to her knees. He returned his hand to her, rubbing softly, teasing. He grinned at her, and pulled her panties down. He pushed down her knees, so that she's laying flat on her back. He kissed across her pubic bone, licking faintly. 

He kissed more, moving down more and more. He licked, burying his tongue hard into her, licking viciously, sucking and biting at her. She groaned loudly, grabbing a handful of long, black hair. He licked faster, circling his tongue while looking up at her.

Her eyes rolled back, and she arched her back, groaning loudly, pulling his hair. He loved when she made those noises, those faces. Especially when she pulled his hair. He sat up fast, hands shaking, finding the button on his jeans. He pulled them down, kicking them away,

"Off." he commanded her, jerking off her pants. She could see him sticking up, hard and delosious. He noticed her looking. "You want this?" he asked, pulling out his dick for her to see. She nodded hard. He crawled on his knees up her body. He shoved himself inside her mouth.

"Suck me baby." he commanded, grabbing her head, forcing himself deep inside her throat. She bobbed her fast with the pace of his hands moving her head. He groaned loudly, leaning his head back, thrusting into her mouth. "Fuck.." her muttered. He quickly pulled out, and removed his boxers completely. He grabbed her legs and lifted them onto his shoulders.

He teased her, rubbing his thickness all up and down her. He pushed in slow. She moaned loudly, motioning him to bed over to her. He leaned it as she asked, pushing her legs back further, her knees touching her breasts. He thrust into harder, moving at a much faster pace.

She sunk her nails into his back and moaned, leaning her head back. "Unngh.. do you like this?" he breathed "Do you like my cock? Deep inside your tight little pussy?" he breathed hard, thrusting harder into her. "Hu?? do you?

"uggh.. yes... i love your cock.." She moaned to him. He went faster. pushing harder, deeper into her with each thrust of his sweet delisious hips. "Fuck..." he breathed. "Im... im gunna cum baby..." He picked up the pace even more, making her scream, digging deeper into his back. Seconds later she felt him finish, realsing his sweet cum deep inside her.

She screamed out his name and her pushed into her as deep as he could, sighing breathlessly. "Damn" he said. "You're a pretty impressive fuck." he winked and nipped her neck.

"You too.." she breathed back. He laughed and pulled out of her. 

"so," he said, "round two?"




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