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     "Good morning young master, today for breakfast we have toast and scones with your most favored tea. I hope it is to your liking."
       I arose from my bed and rubbed my eyes. "Yes, that'll do." Sebastian made his way to me and dressed me for the day. He got up and              pulled something from his coat pocket.
      "Her Majesty has sent you a letter master." I grabbed it from him. "That'll do. Go now, Sebastian, leave me to my work." He bowed and                    replied "Yes, master." And left the room.
                The letter was only one of thanks from solving a previous case. I tossed it to the side. "Hmmp. How very boring it is today." I said to                        myself. "Well then my Lord, perhaps we should spice up the day, hmm?" Said Sebastian.
               "Wha- where the hell did you come from? You sacred me!"
               "Oh, terribly sorry Master, I was tending to the windows outside and over heard you." 
               "Be more careful as to not give me a heart attack next time." I snapped. 
               "Yes my Lord, my apologies."
               "What did you have in mind to do today, anyways?" I asked.
                "Well, I thought maybe we could take a trip into town to todays festival."
               "There's a festival?"
               "Yes my lord, it is one to celebrate the coming of spring."
               "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to go. Ready a carriage."
                "Yes master."
                "Oh, and ready me proper clothing. Come back and dress me."
                "Yes, Master."
He walked out, and into the front of the mansion, and was back before i could move. 
                 "Here you are sir, your finest dressings."
He approached me and knelt to me, unbuttoning my shirt, leaning his head over my shoulder to pull off the left sleeve. He picks me up to remove my bottoms, and sits me back onto my bed. He reaches for the new shirt and begins to re-dress me. He never says a word as he works. Leaning over again to put my left are back threw its new sleeve, his cheek brushes mine. I freeze, a slight shock runs threw me. Sebastian looks at me confused, but continues and ties my neck bow. He stood and stuck out his hand.
                   "Shall we go now, sir?"
                   "Uhm... yes."
We eventually arrive at the festival. Filled with people, laughing playful children. How envious. I cannot smile. Not after all that's happened. At least i have Sebastian. Sebastian. He's always been there. Even though i know he doesn't care, at least i have him, for now.
                  "Young master?"
                  "Are you alright? I've been trying to get your attention for a bit."
                  "Oh, sorry."
                  "Do you feel ill, sir? Do you wish to return home?"
                  "No, i'm fine. Let's go now Sebastian."
                 "Yes, my lord."
We walked about the festival. Seeing many preformers, to men selling more knockoffs of my toys. How un- appealing this whole place is, I am far too troubled for such nonsense.
                  "You seem to not be enjoying yourself, sir. Is something troubling you?" Sebastian asked.
When you touched me earlier today, i've never felt such a thing, how innapropriate  of me to even think-
                  "No. I'm rather tired, and I wish to lay down. May we go now?"
                  "Yes sir, oh, but what a waist of time."
                  "What?" I snapped.
                  "Oh nothing sir"
I glared at him and turned away. I lost myself in thought, not paying attention, i tripped over a piece of cut rope, and fell atop the hard ground. 
                  "Master are you alright?!" Sebastian ran to me sitting me upright.
                   "Ow.." I replied. I looked down to see my knee bleeding.
                  "Oh sir, you're bleeding! Are you okay??" He grabbed my face and looked at me alert. This shocked me. My heart jumped. I smacked his hands away.
                  "Yes i'm fine, tis only a scrape." I got up to walk, but it hurt more then i expected, and fell again. Sebastian picked me up and held me against his chest. Nearly swaddling me. I said nothing to stop him. He's never acted in such a way before. It's the closet thing to caring he's ever showed. I clung to him and shut my eyes. 

                 "Master wake up, we've arrived home." He cupped my face and tilted my head up, and grabbed my body to his chest again to carry
                  me inside. He laid me into my bed, he undressed me carefully, looking at me.
                   "Se- Sebastian.."
                   "Yes?"  I reached for his face and touched him. 
                   "Thank you.."
   His eyes widened.
                   "For what, my lord?
                   "Everything.." why am I saying such things? How can I be so tired after doing nothing all day? Maybe i should just-
                    "Anything for you, my lord." He kissed my cheek, and was gone in a flash, leaving me undressed, startled, and breathless.



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