Feb. 28th, 2013

  "So, how's the family thing going?" Austin asks, resting his head in his hand. *God.." Kellin thought. "He's so fucking cute when he does that.* He bit his lip and answered, "Uhm, great.. Katylin and Copland are at her mothers for a few days."
"Oh so poor Kellin is all alone?" He laughed softly, sitting up and stretching. He wore a tight fitting black tank top, and tight but ragged skinnys. Kellin watched as Austin's muscles tightened as he stretched. *God damnit!* he thought, *this is so wrong.. why am i even thinking..* 
"So Kellin. Anything you want to do?" he smiled, a very stunning smile right at Kellin.
"Uhm.. well.. i.. i dont really know.. do you have any ideas?" Kellin asked. Austin giggled and shrugged.
"Not really. I suppose we could watch a movie" Austin suggested.
"Yeah sure, pick anything from the case." Kellin said. Austin got up and scanned for a good movie.
"This sound good?" He tossed Kellin a movie. 
"Dawn of the Dead. Hah. Yeah man, this works." He could care less what they watched, he just wanted to be alone with Austin in the dark. He knew he shouldn't think of such things. Austin most likely did't feel the same way anyways, right? He knew he had Katlyin but he's always had a thing for Austin.
"Hey dude, i'm gunna go change real quick. These jeans are annoying."

"Okay, i'll start the movie." Kellin got up and put the movie in. He ran to his room and grabbed the blanket from the bed and tossed it on the couch. He turned the light of in the living room and quickly tossed off his own pants, putting his pajama bottoms on, and snuggling in the couch before Austin returned. He hit play just as Austin returned in nothing but loose plaid pajama pants falling down his waist line. Kellin's eyes flickered down, then quickly back up at Austin.
"C-cold?" He offered Austin to join under his blanket.
"Yeah kinda actually, thanks." He gave Kellin a smile and climbed under, fairly close to him. Kellin took a deep breath and focused on the movie. Sometime into it he heard Austin yelp and jump "Oh shit!" he buried his face into Kellin's shoulder. Kellin smiled, and his heart jumped at the feel of Austin's bare skin pressed against his. Austin got up fast.
"Uh- sorry dude.. that scared the shit out of me.."  
"Haha it's okay man. No worries." Kellin smiled and patted Austin's shoulder. He returned his attention to the screen, and felt Austin moving closer to him. Knee to knee with him, Austin lay his head on Kellins shoulder, as if he were sleeping. Kellin look down at him, and hesitantly began playing with his hair. Austin nuzzled into his neck, gently placing a kiss. Kellin's heart picked up. He knew Austin could feel his pulse quicken. Austin turned and kissed up Kellin's neck, lightly pressing his tongue with each kiss, reaching his jaw. Kellin let out a sharp breath and bent his neck. *Holy shit is this really happening?!* he thought. Austin grabbed his face and kissed him softly, gently moving his lips on Kellin's, teasing him. Kellin's eyes rolled back. *he tastes so fucking good....* 
"Mmmm...." Kellin let out. He grabbed Austin and pushed him down onto the couch, pressing tightly on him, kissing him fiercely. Austin grabbed Kellins back and moaned, a delicious sound crawling from his throat.
"I've been waiting so long..." Kellin whispered in hurried breaths. "You're so fucking delicious Austin Carlise." He gnawed down Austins neck viciously.
"Urrrgh.... Kellin..." His back arched as Kellin kissed down his chest, down his stomach, so his hips, licking them from one to the other. Kellin could she his hardness sticking up from under his pants. He smiled viciously. 
"No no baby. These must go" He yanked off Austins pants along with his own. He climbed back up to Austin's mouth and kissed hard. Tasting very last bit of him, feeling his tongue deep in his throat. Austin grabbed Kellin's crotch, touching greedily. Kellin moaned in Austin;s throat. At that, the tables turned. Austin sprang up and snatched up Kellin, carrying him off to his room. He threw him down and straddled him.
"You. Drive. Me. Crazy." Austin said, his voice ragged and rough. He moved his hips into him and leaned down and kissed him, his hands on his face, hips moving faster. The teasing, driving him crazy.
"What do you want Kellin?" He whispered, nipping at his ear.
"Unngh.... Y-you.." He sighed. He sprang up and flipped Kellin over, forcing him onto his knees, his face down into his pillow. Austin pulled Kellin's boxers down and lifted up his feet, taking them off completely, tossing them onto the floor, following suite with his own boxers. He spit in his hand, rubbing it all over him for lube. He gently pushed in.
"uhhnghh!!!" Kellin let out, grabbing his pillow tightly. Austin quickened his pace, groaning, sinking his nails into Kellin's sides.
"S-so..t-tight...." He went faster, looking down at Kellin, still gripping the pillow.
"Unngh.... Austin!" Austin went faster, making Kellin groan more, louder with each push. 
"M-more...." Kellin cried. Austin obeyed, pushing deeper into him. He could feel it building up, he wouldn't last much longer, especially hearing Kellin's sexy groans.
"K-Kellin.. i'm g-gunna...."
"In.. In me" Kellin commanded. With one last hard thrust of his hips, he came, shooting into him. Kellin sighed loundly and Austin pulled out, falling to his knees. Kellin collapsed onto his stomach, rolling onto his back panting, Austin crawled over to Kellin and kissed his forehead.
"Just so you know.... I love you...."
Kellin gasped and looked up at him

                                                                                 -End part one-


Feb. 28th, 2013 08:57 pm
PB stretched, rising up out of her warm bed, checking the time. It was midnight.

"Oh darn! Ugh. I overslept." she stepped out if her bed and padded to her bathroom in her pink panties and the band shit Marceline gave her. Humming to herself, she reconstructed her ponytail. She returned to her bed and picked up her candy phone.

"Peppermint Butler? Could you bring me a glass of soda please? Thank you." she hung up the phone and picked up a book. She read until she heard a knock on her door.

"Come in!" she shouted. Peppermint Butler entered with a glass.
"Here you are, milady." he handed her the glass, and with a bow, he exited.

"Thank you!" she shouted. She turned on her bedside lamp and began to read again, sipping on her soda. She was startled when she heard a noise in her closet. She closed her book and walked careful to the closet. She suspected it was a mouse. When she opened the door, she say Marceline, sitting with her knees under her chin.

"Marceline! What are you doing in my castle?!" she shouted, angrily Marceline stood up and floated around PB.
"ahaha oh Bonnibel, lighten up. I do this to Finn all the time." she laughed and hovered beside PB. 

"Cute panties." Marceline winked and popped the side of PB's underwear.
"Hey! Marceline get out!" she pointed towards the door.

"C'mon bonnibel, i just got here. Why not have a little fun?"
"Huh? Marceline! W-what are you doing?!" Marceline licked PB's cheek.

"Mmm bubble gum!" she giggled and flipped upside down looking at PB.
"Ew gross!" she wiped her cheek. "Why are you even here?" she asked. Marceline giggled. I told you my lovely Bonnibel, for a little fun.

"What does that mean?" PB asked, frustrated, crossing her arms. Marceline bent flipped upside right and grabbed PB's wrist,
"w-what-" she stuttered. Marceline pushed her onto her bed, forcing her down.

"I have always had a thing for you bubblegum." she smiled and kissed PB. Her eyes went wide and she freaked for a second, struggling under Macreline. 

Marceline held her down harder. She broke the kiss. "Quit fighting it Bonnibel. You know you want me too." she kissed her again, moving her lips hungrily on her mouth. This time, PB wrapped her arms around Marceline, kissing back eagerly.

Marceline broke free, kissing PB's neck, laughing sensually as she kissed over her chest. She pulled off her shirt and touched her breasts. She popped them out, sucking gently from one to the other, playful biting her nipples. From there she moved her mouth down her stomach

She ran her tongue along the top of her panties, playfully tracing her finger along as well. She pulled them down and touched her. Rubbing her thumb along her sex. PB moaned quietly.

"I'm glad you like it Bonnibel." She slipped her finger inside and continued running her tumb all along her outers. She moaned louder. Marceline stopped and ran her tongue along her wetness, tasting her sweetness. 

PB arched her back and gabbed Marcelines hair, thrusting her hips up, feeding herself to her. Marceline sucked gently, she could taste more sweetness release into her mouth. She rubbed two fingers all along PB. She stuck in two fingers, working her fast.

"M-marceline!.... I'm gunna.....aggghhhhh!!!!" She arched her back high, and sweet, sugary juices leaked onto her legs. Marceline wiped it on her finger, making PB taste.

"You taste so sweet my dear Bonnibel, next time, it's my turn."



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