Mar. 4th, 2013


Your name is always stuck in my throat. Your voice ringing in my ears. i close my eyes and imagine you. My mind washes your sent over me, even your taste, just for a second. A thought of you is the sweetest few seconds i experience. 

Never did i think i could feel so much for anyone. All the times i thought i was in love, i was wrong. Until i met you.

                            Let me tell you a little story about an amazing person who has completely changed my life.

It all started a little over a year ago. I was dating this boy i was way too into. He left me for unknown reasons. I was extremely upset, so i went to an ex friend house. She showed me Myyearbook. So, i made an account, and browsed. 

I came across a photo of a boy so beautiful, my jaw dropped. So of course i sent him a message. 

He replied. He was so very sweet, everything he said, I'd grin. He made me feel a lot better. I forgot all about my ex. We talked for a few weeks, maybe two? I actually started to love him.

After a bit, we stopped talking. I was devastated. I kept waiting for him to text, he never did. I'd text him myself, still, nothing. 

After a while, i forgot about him. Until one day i found found him on Facebook and i saw he was in a relationship with this monstrosity of a girl. I. Was. Furious. 

I got over it, and dated others. I had forgotten about him.

Nearly a year later, he messaged me on Facebook. He apologized, asked me to forgive him, and if i was still mad.

I told him everything was fine, that i wasn't mad anymore. At the time, I was dating someone else, but things were getting bad, fast. We talked a lot. He helped me out with a lot i was dealing with with this boy.

A few weeks later, the boy left me. For the second time. So, I was way over him and all of the hell he put me threw. 

Me and this beautiful creature agreed to meet at the fair. As I got closer,  I found out he was at a different fair. So, our meeting was put off until the weekend.

That Sunday, my friend took me to the mall to meet him. We waited awhile, and i was extremely nervous. We were walking, and i saw him, looking down at his Ipod, walking opposite us.

He was wearing a Domo hat, a red and black stripped V-neck, red pants, and black Converse. His brown hair fell to his shoulders, lovely collar bones protruding from under his shit.

He was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I walked over, terrified. I spoke his name. He looked up and smiled. My heart was racing, my mind swimming. I couldn't think straight.

We walked out to my friends car. We got in, and she drove around. She played "Good Girls Bad Guys" by Falling In Reverse. He started to sing along with it, my jaw falling when I heard him singing. Not only because it was beautiful, but because of the lyrics of the song.

Such deliciously filthy things coming from such a sweet face. He sat pretty close, so i tried to freak him out and ran my hand up his thigh. We laughed a lot.

When we returned to the mall parking lot, my friend turned some music on. He leaned over a kissed me. My heart pounded. He tasted so sweet. 

Ever since that day, October 23, 2012, we've been together. 

                         I just find it insane that almost exactly a year later after we first started talking, we brought ourselves back to each other.

He's brilliant, really. He has beautiful brown eyes, long black hair, slender, smooth body. A smile that could knock you off your feet. He likes the best things. We have a lot in common, so we can share everything.

There's something about him I've never seen in anyone. He makes everything okay when everything is going wrong.  This boy is unlike any other.

                       I remember the first time we made love.

You were over me, kissing me, my neck. We were ready, we knew it. You had never done it before, and I was afraid. I didn't want to push you. But you were so nervous, it wasn't working, so i laid you on your back, and did it myself.

With the first feel of you, i melted. I could feel you. All of you. It was the sweetest feeling I've ever experienced. The beautiful faces you made, the sweet sounds. I couldn't resit you.

Now I savor you. Every touch of your bare skin, every press of my lips on you, I worshiped your body. Tasting, appreciating you as mine. I could feel your pulse, every breath you took. You're my Adonus. Beauty so great, it's over baring sometimes.

I loved every taste you left in my mouth. I loved every tug on my hair, and every scratch down my back. I loved every noise you made, every breath you breathed.

The feel of your skin under my fingertips is the loveliest thing in the world to me. I admire your body, every time i get to see. Every curve. Every angle. Every inch of soft, smooth skin. I can't help but to touch, trace my fingers along your stomach, grazing your hips.

I love you. With every fiber of my being. Every inch of my heart. To the very depth of my soul. When i dance with you, I float. When I'm intertwined with you, time stops and we're nowhere but in each other.

I don't know if your love is equal, because there is no way we'll ever know. I do know that I don't want anyone else at all. Now or ever. No one will ever be you, or come close to being anything like you.

So never leave. Stay where you belong, Andrew. 

                                                 <3 Nikki



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