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Sam pulled away from Dean. "What do we do now?" Sam asked. "What do you mean, Sammy?" Dean ran a hand through his brothers soft hair. Sam sighed happily at the small, but comforting gesture. "Well.. I don't really know anything about doing things with guys. I've never had any desire to besides you. Not to mention, this is all so... different now." Sam shook his head slightly, eyeing dean with pleading eyes.

"Are you uncomfortable with it? Because we don't have to do anything, Sam." Dean replied. "What? No no, of course I'm comfortable. I've wanted to for God knows how long now. I'm just... nervous. Like I said, I'm new to the whole, guy on guy thing." Sam sat up and ran his fingers threw his hair and let out a frustrated puff of air.

"Well, neither have I." Dean said. "But, I mean, I get the jist of it. We've just gotta go with it Sammy."  Sam nodded. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and swallowed hard. He looked up at dean. "Don't be scared baby boy, it's okay." Dean cooed. Sams heart jolted. He liked his new pet name. Dean leaned in, taking Sams face in his hands, lightly tracing his lips on his sweet baby brothers. 

Dean pressed his lips on Sams. Fire filled his very core. Warm, sweet fire, heating him from head to toe. He'd never guessed Sam tasted so sweet. Never guessed his mouth would be so delightfully warm, lips so soft and perfect.  Sam felt it too, Dean could tell. He made a sound so beautiful, Dean thought he'd fall over and die. 

Sam took off his jacket, not daring to break their kiss. He followed with his shirt, and Dean did the same. They broke apart for a moment, touching foreheads. "Sammy you taste so damn good." Dean pressed his hand on Sams hips and pulled him back to his mouth before he had a chance to reply.  "Lay on you back." Dean ordered. Sam obeyed and turned over, flat on his back.

Dean sat up and reached for Sams button on his jeans. Sam was already rock hard underneath. He unfastened his pants, pulling them off. He did the same with his own, throwing the off onto the floor. Dean rubbed Sam slowly underneath his boxers. Sam let a loud "Mmm..", making dean squeeze Sams dick. That only made Sam moan more.
Dean leaned down and kissed and nipped and Sams hips. Sam leaned his head back, arching his back just the slightest. Dean licked at Sams hip, licking lower and lower. Dean pulled out Sam's dick. "Goddamnit Sammy, you're huge." Dean admired his brother God like dick, long, thick, just perfect. He leaned down and licked the tip. Sam squirmed and reached down for Deans hair. "No. Suck me. Now." Sam ordered and shoved Deans mouth on his dick. 

Dean moaned loudly. He didn't know Sam could be so dominate. Dean sucked and licked away at Sam. Sam moaned loudly, fucking Dean's mouth, going in as far as Dean would allow him. "God, Dean... Not.. Not gunna last." Dean lifted up for a moment. "Come for me baby boy. Shove me onto you, just for me." he said in his sexy raspy voice. Sam did just that. He thrusted and shoved into Dean's mouth until he exploded. Sam let out a loud whimper.

Dean swallowed every drop of Sams sweet cum. "Damn, Sammy, you taste so good." Sam pulled Dean down to him, quick to return the favor. Instantly, Sam's mouth was wrapped tight around deans dick, bobbing and sucking and licking away. "Goddamn baby, your mouth feels so much better than I imagined.." Dean leaned his head back, taking in the feeling of Sams warm, wet mouth sucking hard on his dick. He could feel it, building up, giving him warning he wasn't gunna last much longer.

"Gah, Sam... careful or I'll.." Sam stopped and looked at Dean. "I want you to, Dean. I's my turn to taste you." Sam continued, this time bobbing faster, sucking his hardest. Dean let out a moan of sheer ecstasy, spilling into Sam's mouth. Sam moaned at the taste of him. Actually moaned. He swallowed it all. Dean let out a long sigh. "Damn, Sammy. That was the best blowjob I've ever had." Dean said, breathing heavy. "The first of many." Sam replied. He crawled over to Dean and nipped his neck. Dean took Sam in his arms. Sam nuzzled into Deans neck. "Best day ever."



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