Nov. 9th, 2013 03:22 am
                                                                                                       Oh, my brother

Sam opened his eyes as the Impala cruised to steady stop. Dean slugged Sam in the arm "Wake up Sammy. Time to check in." 
"what time is is?" Sam asked groggily. "bout two am. i'll go get us checked in. Get our shit, would ya?" Dean grabbed the keys from the ignition and headed inside. Sam grabbed the two backpacks from the back seat and waited outside for Dean.  When he came back, he grinned at sam. "What?" Sam asked. "Nothin'." he laughed "You must have been having one hell of a dream in the car, thats all." Sam choked on his own breath. "wh- what you mean?" Dean unlocked the door to their room. "Notin man, you we're just makin these weird sounds and smiling alot" 
Sam sighed, happy he didn't talk in his sleep. "Oh, yeah. Just dreaming about some chick, ya know." Dean smirked and flopped on the bed.
sam sat down on his own bed. "I think im gunna hop in the shower sammy. Need in there?" Dean asked. "No, Im fine, thanks." Dean shrugged and headed for the bathroom. Sam sighed in releife. His dream wasn't about a girl at all. It was about Dean. Him and Dean. Together. He tried his best to be sickened by it but he just couldn't. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't repress the feelings anymore. He'd managed to pretty much destroy all of them up until now. He stretched out in his bed and shut his eyes. Eventually Dean was out.  He still had water dripping down his neck. Dean never did care about drying off. Sam had been meaning to talk to Dean about this for two months now. He was terrified. What if Dean hated him after this? What if he got disgusted and left him there? But it was eating away at him. He had to say something. He couldn't handle it anymore. Hiding the blush in his face whenever Dean slugged him in the arm. Holding back smiles he desperately wanted to throw at Dean. He had to be brave. He had to tell Dean.
    "Uhm... hey, Dean?"  He asked nervously. "yeah??" Dean replied. "Theres.. theres something i need to tell you." 
"okay, what?" Dean replied causally. "No, Dean. This is really serious. " Dean came and sit beside Sam. "Sammy, whats going on?" Sams heart fluttered every time Dean called him Sammy. The comfort of it was unlike anything he'd ever heard Dean say."
Sam took a deep breath. "well.. lately i've been feeling this.... feeling.. and its a good feeling.. but it's really wrong.. its bad.." sam said. Dean looked confused. "Okay um, i guess im just gunna have to come out and say it... I love you, Dean." Dean grinned and slugged sam in the arm. "Love you too sammy. But wh-" "No Dean." Sam interrupted. "I love you. Like. Love. You. I love your big green eyes. I love how you call me Sammy. I love the way you try so hard to keep me safe. I love the way you always smell. Colonge and whisky. I love how you're so careless. Dean, I've felt this was since we were kids. I just.. i just did my damn best to bury it.. if you hate me now, i understand. If you wanna leave and never look at me again, thats fine but i had to tell you.. I Know its sick, I'm in love with my brother? What kind of sick.." Sam trailed off and shoved his head in his knees and sobbed. Dean scooted closer to Sam and put his arm around his shoulder.

"Shh Sammy, shhh." Dean cooed. 'It's okay Sammy. I don't hate you, I don't." Dean ran his fingers through Sams hair. Sam lightned up crying and looked up at his big brother. "You.. You don't?" Sam asked. "No sammy, no. I..." Dean stopped. "Dean, what?" Sam asked. Dean looked back at sam. "I love you too, Sammy.. since.. since we we're kids too.. i know how wrong it is.. I do. I know its desgusting but i really don't give a fuck. I waited so long, hoping you'd say that to me." Dean grabbed sams face lightly and leaned in, nearly touching Sams lip. "love much." Dean kissed sam softly, taking in every second, pulling sam closer, finally getting what he for so long wanted, but thought he could never have.



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