Sam pulled away from Dean. "What do we do now?" Sam asked. "What do you mean, Sammy?" Dean ran a hand through his brothers soft hair. Sam sighed happily at the small, but comforting gesture. "Well.. I don't really know anything about doing things with guys. I've never had any desire to besides you. Not to mention, this is all so... different now." Sam shook his head slightly, eyeing dean with pleading eyes.

"Are you uncomfortable with it? Because we don't have to do anything, Sam." Dean replied. "What? No no, of course I'm comfortable. I've wanted to for God knows how long now. I'm just... nervous. Like I said, I'm new to the whole, guy on guy thing." Sam sat up and ran his fingers threw his hair and let out a frustrated puff of air.

"Well, neither have I." Dean said. "But, I mean, I get the jist of it. We've just gotta go with it Sammy."  Sam nodded. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and swallowed hard. He looked up at dean. "Don't be scared baby boy, it's okay." Dean cooed. Sams heart jolted. He liked his new pet name. Dean leaned in, taking Sams face in his hands, lightly tracing his lips on his sweet baby brothers. 

Dean pressed his lips on Sams. Fire filled his very core. Warm, sweet fire, heating him from head to toe. He'd never guessed Sam tasted so sweet. Never guessed his mouth would be so delightfully warm, lips so soft and perfect.  Sam felt it too, Dean could tell. He made a sound so beautiful, Dean thought he'd fall over and die. 

Sam took off his jacket, not daring to break their kiss. He followed with his shirt, and Dean did the same. They broke apart for a moment, touching foreheads. "Sammy you taste so damn good." Dean pressed his hand on Sams hips and pulled him back to his mouth before he had a chance to reply.  "Lay on you back." Dean ordered. Sam obeyed and turned over, flat on his back.

Dean sat up and reached for Sams button on his jeans. Sam was already rock hard underneath. He unfastened his pants, pulling them off. He did the same with his own, throwing the off onto the floor. Dean rubbed Sam slowly underneath his boxers. Sam let a loud "Mmm..", making dean squeeze Sams dick. That only made Sam moan more.
Dean leaned down and kissed and nipped and Sams hips. Sam leaned his head back, arching his back just the slightest. Dean licked at Sams hip, licking lower and lower. Dean pulled out Sam's dick. "Goddamnit Sammy, you're huge." Dean admired his brother God like dick, long, thick, just perfect. He leaned down and licked the tip. Sam squirmed and reached down for Deans hair. "No. Suck me. Now." Sam ordered and shoved Deans mouth on his dick. 

Dean moaned loudly. He didn't know Sam could be so dominate. Dean sucked and licked away at Sam. Sam moaned loudly, fucking Dean's mouth, going in as far as Dean would allow him. "God, Dean... Not.. Not gunna last." Dean lifted up for a moment. "Come for me baby boy. Shove me onto you, just for me." he said in his sexy raspy voice. Sam did just that. He thrusted and shoved into Dean's mouth until he exploded. Sam let out a loud whimper.

Dean swallowed every drop of Sams sweet cum. "Damn, Sammy, you taste so good." Sam pulled Dean down to him, quick to return the favor. Instantly, Sam's mouth was wrapped tight around deans dick, bobbing and sucking and licking away. "Goddamn baby, your mouth feels so much better than I imagined.." Dean leaned his head back, taking in the feeling of Sams warm, wet mouth sucking hard on his dick. He could feel it, building up, giving him warning he wasn't gunna last much longer.

"Gah, Sam... careful or I'll.." Sam stopped and looked at Dean. "I want you to, Dean. I's my turn to taste you." Sam continued, this time bobbing faster, sucking his hardest. Dean let out a moan of sheer ecstasy, spilling into Sam's mouth. Sam moaned at the taste of him. Actually moaned. He swallowed it all. Dean let out a long sigh. "Damn, Sammy. That was the best blowjob I've ever had." Dean said, breathing heavy. "The first of many." Sam replied. He crawled over to Dean and nipped his neck. Dean took Sam in his arms. Sam nuzzled into Deans neck. "Best day ever."


Nov. 9th, 2013 03:22 am
                                                                                                       Oh, my brother

Sam opened his eyes as the Impala cruised to steady stop. Dean slugged Sam in the arm "Wake up Sammy. Time to check in." 
"what time is is?" Sam asked groggily. "bout two am. i'll go get us checked in. Get our shit, would ya?" Dean grabbed the keys from the ignition and headed inside. Sam grabbed the two backpacks from the back seat and waited outside for Dean.  When he came back, he grinned at sam. "What?" Sam asked. "Nothin'." he laughed "You must have been having one hell of a dream in the car, thats all." Sam choked on his own breath. "wh- what you mean?" Dean unlocked the door to their room. "Notin man, you we're just makin these weird sounds and smiling alot" 
Sam sighed, happy he didn't talk in his sleep. "Oh, yeah. Just dreaming about some chick, ya know." Dean smirked and flopped on the bed.
sam sat down on his own bed. "I think im gunna hop in the shower sammy. Need in there?" Dean asked. "No, Im fine, thanks." Dean shrugged and headed for the bathroom. Sam sighed in releife. His dream wasn't about a girl at all. It was about Dean. Him and Dean. Together. He tried his best to be sickened by it but he just couldn't. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't repress the feelings anymore. He'd managed to pretty much destroy all of them up until now. He stretched out in his bed and shut his eyes. Eventually Dean was out.  He still had water dripping down his neck. Dean never did care about drying off. Sam had been meaning to talk to Dean about this for two months now. He was terrified. What if Dean hated him after this? What if he got disgusted and left him there? But it was eating away at him. He had to say something. He couldn't handle it anymore. Hiding the blush in his face whenever Dean slugged him in the arm. Holding back smiles he desperately wanted to throw at Dean. He had to be brave. He had to tell Dean.
    "Uhm... hey, Dean?"  He asked nervously. "yeah??" Dean replied. "Theres.. theres something i need to tell you." 
"okay, what?" Dean replied causally. "No, Dean. This is really serious. " Dean came and sit beside Sam. "Sammy, whats going on?" Sams heart fluttered every time Dean called him Sammy. The comfort of it was unlike anything he'd ever heard Dean say."
Sam took a deep breath. "well.. lately i've been feeling this.... feeling.. and its a good feeling.. but it's really wrong.. its bad.." sam said. Dean looked confused. "Okay um, i guess im just gunna have to come out and say it... I love you, Dean." Dean grinned and slugged sam in the arm. "Love you too sammy. But wh-" "No Dean." Sam interrupted. "I love you. Like. Love. You. I love your big green eyes. I love how you call me Sammy. I love the way you try so hard to keep me safe. I love the way you always smell. Colonge and whisky. I love how you're so careless. Dean, I've felt this was since we were kids. I just.. i just did my damn best to bury it.. if you hate me now, i understand. If you wanna leave and never look at me again, thats fine but i had to tell you.. I Know its sick, I'm in love with my brother? What kind of sick.." Sam trailed off and shoved his head in his knees and sobbed. Dean scooted closer to Sam and put his arm around his shoulder.

"Shh Sammy, shhh." Dean cooed. 'It's okay Sammy. I don't hate you, I don't." Dean ran his fingers through Sams hair. Sam lightned up crying and looked up at his big brother. "You.. You don't?" Sam asked. "No sammy, no. I..." Dean stopped. "Dean, what?" Sam asked. Dean looked back at sam. "I love you too, Sammy.. since.. since we we're kids too.. i know how wrong it is.. I do. I know its desgusting but i really don't give a fuck. I waited so long, hoping you'd say that to me." Dean grabbed sams face lightly and leaned in, nearly touching Sams lip. "love much." Dean kissed sam softly, taking in every second, pulling sam closer, finally getting what he for so long wanted, but thought he could never have.

     "Good morning young master, today for breakfast we have toast and scones with your most favored tea. I hope it is to your liking."
       I arose from my bed and rubbed my eyes. "Yes, that'll do." Sebastian made his way to me and dressed me for the day. He got up and              pulled something from his coat pocket.
      "Her Majesty has sent you a letter master." I grabbed it from him. "That'll do. Go now, Sebastian, leave me to my work." He bowed and                    replied "Yes, master." And left the room.
                The letter was only one of thanks from solving a previous case. I tossed it to the side. "Hmmp. How very boring it is today." I said to                        myself. "Well then my Lord, perhaps we should spice up the day, hmm?" Said Sebastian.
               "Wha- where the hell did you come from? You sacred me!"
               "Oh, terribly sorry Master, I was tending to the windows outside and over heard you." 
               "Be more careful as to not give me a heart attack next time." I snapped. 
               "Yes my Lord, my apologies."
               "What did you have in mind to do today, anyways?" I asked.
                "Well, I thought maybe we could take a trip into town to todays festival."
               "There's a festival?"
               "Yes my lord, it is one to celebrate the coming of spring."
               "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to go. Ready a carriage."
                "Yes master."
                "Oh, and ready me proper clothing. Come back and dress me."
                "Yes, Master."
He walked out, and into the front of the mansion, and was back before i could move. 
                 "Here you are sir, your finest dressings."
He approached me and knelt to me, unbuttoning my shirt, leaning his head over my shoulder to pull off the left sleeve. He picks me up to remove my bottoms, and sits me back onto my bed. He reaches for the new shirt and begins to re-dress me. He never says a word as he works. Leaning over again to put my left are back threw its new sleeve, his cheek brushes mine. I freeze, a slight shock runs threw me. Sebastian looks at me confused, but continues and ties my neck bow. He stood and stuck out his hand.
                   "Shall we go now, sir?"
                   "Uhm... yes."
We eventually arrive at the festival. Filled with people, laughing playful children. How envious. I cannot smile. Not after all that's happened. At least i have Sebastian. Sebastian. He's always been there. Even though i know he doesn't care, at least i have him, for now.
                  "Young master?"
                  "Are you alright? I've been trying to get your attention for a bit."
                  "Oh, sorry."
                  "Do you feel ill, sir? Do you wish to return home?"
                  "No, i'm fine. Let's go now Sebastian."
                 "Yes, my lord."
We walked about the festival. Seeing many preformers, to men selling more knockoffs of my toys. How un- appealing this whole place is, I am far too troubled for such nonsense.
                  "You seem to not be enjoying yourself, sir. Is something troubling you?" Sebastian asked.
When you touched me earlier today, i've never felt such a thing, how innapropriate  of me to even think-
                  "No. I'm rather tired, and I wish to lay down. May we go now?"
                  "Yes sir, oh, but what a waist of time."
                  "What?" I snapped.
                  "Oh nothing sir"
I glared at him and turned away. I lost myself in thought, not paying attention, i tripped over a piece of cut rope, and fell atop the hard ground. 
                  "Master are you alright?!" Sebastian ran to me sitting me upright.
                   "Ow.." I replied. I looked down to see my knee bleeding.
                  "Oh sir, you're bleeding! Are you okay??" He grabbed my face and looked at me alert. This shocked me. My heart jumped. I smacked his hands away.
                  "Yes i'm fine, tis only a scrape." I got up to walk, but it hurt more then i expected, and fell again. Sebastian picked me up and held me against his chest. Nearly swaddling me. I said nothing to stop him. He's never acted in such a way before. It's the closet thing to caring he's ever showed. I clung to him and shut my eyes. 

                 "Master wake up, we've arrived home." He cupped my face and tilted my head up, and grabbed my body to his chest again to carry
                  me inside. He laid me into my bed, he undressed me carefully, looking at me.
                   "Se- Sebastian.."
                   "Yes?"  I reached for his face and touched him. 
                   "Thank you.."
   His eyes widened.
                   "For what, my lord?
                   "Everything.." why am I saying such things? How can I be so tired after doing nothing all day? Maybe i should just-
                    "Anything for you, my lord." He kissed my cheek, and was gone in a flash, leaving me undressed, startled, and breathless.


Your name is always stuck in my throat. Your voice ringing in my ears. i close my eyes and imagine you. My mind washes your sent over me, even your taste, just for a second. A thought of you is the sweetest few seconds i experience. 

Never did i think i could feel so much for anyone. All the times i thought i was in love, i was wrong. Until i met you.

                            Let me tell you a little story about an amazing person who has completely changed my life.

It all started a little over a year ago. I was dating this boy i was way too into. He left me for unknown reasons. I was extremely upset, so i went to an ex friend house. She showed me Myyearbook. So, i made an account, and browsed. 

I came across a photo of a boy so beautiful, my jaw dropped. So of course i sent him a message. 

He replied. He was so very sweet, everything he said, I'd grin. He made me feel a lot better. I forgot all about my ex. We talked for a few weeks, maybe two? I actually started to love him.

After a bit, we stopped talking. I was devastated. I kept waiting for him to text, he never did. I'd text him myself, still, nothing. 

After a while, i forgot about him. Until one day i found found him on Facebook and i saw he was in a relationship with this monstrosity of a girl. I. Was. Furious. 

I got over it, and dated others. I had forgotten about him.

Nearly a year later, he messaged me on Facebook. He apologized, asked me to forgive him, and if i was still mad.

I told him everything was fine, that i wasn't mad anymore. At the time, I was dating someone else, but things were getting bad, fast. We talked a lot. He helped me out with a lot i was dealing with with this boy.

A few weeks later, the boy left me. For the second time. So, I was way over him and all of the hell he put me threw. 

Me and this beautiful creature agreed to meet at the fair. As I got closer,  I found out he was at a different fair. So, our meeting was put off until the weekend.

That Sunday, my friend took me to the mall to meet him. We waited awhile, and i was extremely nervous. We were walking, and i saw him, looking down at his Ipod, walking opposite us.

He was wearing a Domo hat, a red and black stripped V-neck, red pants, and black Converse. His brown hair fell to his shoulders, lovely collar bones protruding from under his shit.

He was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I walked over, terrified. I spoke his name. He looked up and smiled. My heart was racing, my mind swimming. I couldn't think straight.

We walked out to my friends car. We got in, and she drove around. She played "Good Girls Bad Guys" by Falling In Reverse. He started to sing along with it, my jaw falling when I heard him singing. Not only because it was beautiful, but because of the lyrics of the song.

Such deliciously filthy things coming from such a sweet face. He sat pretty close, so i tried to freak him out and ran my hand up his thigh. We laughed a lot.

When we returned to the mall parking lot, my friend turned some music on. He leaned over a kissed me. My heart pounded. He tasted so sweet. 

Ever since that day, October 23, 2012, we've been together. 

                         I just find it insane that almost exactly a year later after we first started talking, we brought ourselves back to each other.

He's brilliant, really. He has beautiful brown eyes, long black hair, slender, smooth body. A smile that could knock you off your feet. He likes the best things. We have a lot in common, so we can share everything.

There's something about him I've never seen in anyone. He makes everything okay when everything is going wrong.  This boy is unlike any other.

                       I remember the first time we made love.

You were over me, kissing me, my neck. We were ready, we knew it. You had never done it before, and I was afraid. I didn't want to push you. But you were so nervous, it wasn't working, so i laid you on your back, and did it myself.

With the first feel of you, i melted. I could feel you. All of you. It was the sweetest feeling I've ever experienced. The beautiful faces you made, the sweet sounds. I couldn't resit you.

Now I savor you. Every touch of your bare skin, every press of my lips on you, I worshiped your body. Tasting, appreciating you as mine. I could feel your pulse, every breath you took. You're my Adonus. Beauty so great, it's over baring sometimes.

I loved every taste you left in my mouth. I loved every tug on my hair, and every scratch down my back. I loved every noise you made, every breath you breathed.

The feel of your skin under my fingertips is the loveliest thing in the world to me. I admire your body, every time i get to see. Every curve. Every angle. Every inch of soft, smooth skin. I can't help but to touch, trace my fingers along your stomach, grazing your hips.

I love you. With every fiber of my being. Every inch of my heart. To the very depth of my soul. When i dance with you, I float. When I'm intertwined with you, time stops and we're nowhere but in each other.

I don't know if your love is equal, because there is no way we'll ever know. I do know that I don't want anyone else at all. Now or ever. No one will ever be you, or come close to being anything like you.

So never leave. Stay where you belong, Andrew. 

                                                 <3 Nikki

 She sat there, tensely, looking at him. She'd forgotten just how beautiful he is. He smiled sweetly at her. He reached out and stroked her face with his hand. "I missed you so much." She blushed and looked down. It seems like it's been forever since she felt his touch. Heard his voice.

"I missed you too. I really did."  He moved closer to her. He lifted her chin and kissed her softly. She sighed softly, tasting him. She'd forgotten how soft and sweet his lips were, how perfectly delisious he tasted. He moved over her slowly, placing his hand on her neck.

He kissed her harder, pushing her onto her back. He slowly moved his hand down her side, grabbing her hip. She moaned in his throat. He growled back, breaking the kiss finding her neck. He nipped along her neck, down to her collar bone, tracing his tongue in swirling patterns.

She wrapped her arms around his back, breathing heavy, tilting her neck to the side, allowing him easier access. He gnawed his was back up her neck, sucking and biting and her soft skin. She smelled of vanilla, he noticed, inhaling her sent, sending warmth threw his whole body.

He licked her neck hard, leaving with a hard bite. She moaned and grabbed the cloth of his shirt tightly. He laughed and kissed at her chest. He kissed over her breast, slowly tracing his tongue from one to the next. His hand moved down lower, lifting her shirt.

"sit up a sec, love." he breathed. He lifted  it over her head and tossed it away. His hands crawled up her back, finding her bra hook. He effortlessly unhooked it and tossed it aside as well. His mouth found her breast again, greedily gnawing at them, tasting her flesh.

He sucked, softly biting and licking at her nipple. He kissed to the other, repeating the intoxicating processes over again. He moved, kissing down her stomach, finding her waist, licking from hip to hip. He unfastened her jeans kissing down further, gingerly moving his hand along the outside of her underwear.

She groaned, watching him pull her jeans to her knees. He returned his hand to her, rubbing softly, teasing. He grinned at her, and pulled her panties down. He pushed down her knees, so that she's laying flat on her back. He kissed across her pubic bone, licking faintly. 

He kissed more, moving down more and more. He licked, burying his tongue hard into her, licking viciously, sucking and biting at her. She groaned loudly, grabbing a handful of long, black hair. He licked faster, circling his tongue while looking up at her.

Her eyes rolled back, and she arched her back, groaning loudly, pulling his hair. He loved when she made those noises, those faces. Especially when she pulled his hair. He sat up fast, hands shaking, finding the button on his jeans. He pulled them down, kicking them away,

"Off." he commanded her, jerking off her pants. She could see him sticking up, hard and delosious. He noticed her looking. "You want this?" he asked, pulling out his dick for her to see. She nodded hard. He crawled on his knees up her body. He shoved himself inside her mouth.

"Suck me baby." he commanded, grabbing her head, forcing himself deep inside her throat. She bobbed her fast with the pace of his hands moving her head. He groaned loudly, leaning his head back, thrusting into her mouth. "Fuck.." her muttered. He quickly pulled out, and removed his boxers completely. He grabbed her legs and lifted them onto his shoulders.

He teased her, rubbing his thickness all up and down her. He pushed in slow. She moaned loudly, motioning him to bed over to her. He leaned it as she asked, pushing her legs back further, her knees touching her breasts. He thrust into harder, moving at a much faster pace.

She sunk her nails into his back and moaned, leaning her head back. "Unngh.. do you like this?" he breathed "Do you like my cock? Deep inside your tight little pussy?" he breathed hard, thrusting harder into her. "Hu?? do you?

"uggh.. yes... i love your cock.." She moaned to him. He went faster. pushing harder, deeper into her with each thrust of his sweet delisious hips. "Fuck..." he breathed. "Im... im gunna cum baby..." He picked up the pace even more, making her scream, digging deeper into his back. Seconds later she felt him finish, realsing his sweet cum deep inside her.

She screamed out his name and her pushed into her as deep as he could, sighing breathlessly. "Damn" he said. "You're a pretty impressive fuck." he winked and nipped her neck.

"You too.." she breathed back. He laughed and pulled out of her. 

"so," he said, "round two?"

 She sat there, tensely, looking at him. She'd forgotten just how beautiful he is. He smiled sweetly at her. He reached out and stroked her face with his hand. "I missed you so much." She blushed and looked down. It seems like it's been forever since she felt his touch. Heard his voice.

"I missed you too. I really did."  He moved closer to her. He lifted her chin and kissed her softly. She sighed softly, tasting him. She'd forgotten how soft and sweet his lips were, how perfectly delisious he tasted. He moved over her slowly, placing his hand on her neck.

He kissed her harder, pushing her onto her back. He slowly moved his hand down her side, grabbing her hip. She moaned in his throat. He growled back, breaking the kiss finding her neck. He nipped along her neck, down to her collar bone, tracing his tongue in swirling patterns.



Feb. 28th, 2013 08:57 pm
PB stretched, rising up out of her warm bed, checking the time. It was midnight.

"Oh darn! Ugh. I overslept." she stepped out if her bed and padded to her bathroom in her pink panties and the band shit Marceline gave her. Humming to herself, she reconstructed her ponytail. She returned to her bed and picked up her candy phone.

"Peppermint Butler? Could you bring me a glass of soda please? Thank you." she hung up the phone and picked up a book. She read until she heard a knock on her door.

"Come in!" she shouted. Peppermint Butler entered with a glass.
"Here you are, milady." he handed her the glass, and with a bow, he exited.

"Thank you!" she shouted. She turned on her bedside lamp and began to read again, sipping on her soda. She was startled when she heard a noise in her closet. She closed her book and walked careful to the closet. She suspected it was a mouse. When she opened the door, she say Marceline, sitting with her knees under her chin.

"Marceline! What are you doing in my castle?!" she shouted, angrily Marceline stood up and floated around PB.
"ahaha oh Bonnibel, lighten up. I do this to Finn all the time." she laughed and hovered beside PB. 

"Cute panties." Marceline winked and popped the side of PB's underwear.
"Hey! Marceline get out!" she pointed towards the door.

"C'mon bonnibel, i just got here. Why not have a little fun?"
"Huh? Marceline! W-what are you doing?!" Marceline licked PB's cheek.

"Mmm bubble gum!" she giggled and flipped upside down looking at PB.
"Ew gross!" she wiped her cheek. "Why are you even here?" she asked. Marceline giggled. I told you my lovely Bonnibel, for a little fun.

"What does that mean?" PB asked, frustrated, crossing her arms. Marceline bent flipped upside right and grabbed PB's wrist,
"w-what-" she stuttered. Marceline pushed her onto her bed, forcing her down.

"I have always had a thing for you bubblegum." she smiled and kissed PB. Her eyes went wide and she freaked for a second, struggling under Macreline. 

Marceline held her down harder. She broke the kiss. "Quit fighting it Bonnibel. You know you want me too." she kissed her again, moving her lips hungrily on her mouth. This time, PB wrapped her arms around Marceline, kissing back eagerly.

Marceline broke free, kissing PB's neck, laughing sensually as she kissed over her chest. She pulled off her shirt and touched her breasts. She popped them out, sucking gently from one to the other, playful biting her nipples. From there she moved her mouth down her stomach

She ran her tongue along the top of her panties, playfully tracing her finger along as well. She pulled them down and touched her. Rubbing her thumb along her sex. PB moaned quietly.

"I'm glad you like it Bonnibel." She slipped her finger inside and continued running her tumb all along her outers. She moaned louder. Marceline stopped and ran her tongue along her wetness, tasting her sweetness. 

PB arched her back and gabbed Marcelines hair, thrusting her hips up, feeding herself to her. Marceline sucked gently, she could taste more sweetness release into her mouth. She rubbed two fingers all along PB. She stuck in two fingers, working her fast.

"M-marceline!.... I'm gunna.....aggghhhhh!!!!" She arched her back high, and sweet, sugary juices leaked onto her legs. Marceline wiped it on her finger, making PB taste.

"You taste so sweet my dear Bonnibel, next time, it's my turn."

  "So, how's the family thing going?" Austin asks, resting his head in his hand. *God.." Kellin thought. "He's so fucking cute when he does that.* He bit his lip and answered, "Uhm, great.. Katylin and Copland are at her mothers for a few days."
"Oh so poor Kellin is all alone?" He laughed softly, sitting up and stretching. He wore a tight fitting black tank top, and tight but ragged skinnys. Kellin watched as Austin's muscles tightened as he stretched. *God damnit!* he thought, *this is so wrong.. why am i even thinking..* 
"So Kellin. Anything you want to do?" he smiled, a very stunning smile right at Kellin.
"Uhm.. well.. i.. i dont really know.. do you have any ideas?" Kellin asked. Austin giggled and shrugged.
"Not really. I suppose we could watch a movie" Austin suggested.
"Yeah sure, pick anything from the case." Kellin said. Austin got up and scanned for a good movie.
"This sound good?" He tossed Kellin a movie. 
"Dawn of the Dead. Hah. Yeah man, this works." He could care less what they watched, he just wanted to be alone with Austin in the dark. He knew he shouldn't think of such things. Austin most likely did't feel the same way anyways, right? He knew he had Katlyin but he's always had a thing for Austin.
"Hey dude, i'm gunna go change real quick. These jeans are annoying."

"Okay, i'll start the movie." Kellin got up and put the movie in. He ran to his room and grabbed the blanket from the bed and tossed it on the couch. He turned the light of in the living room and quickly tossed off his own pants, putting his pajama bottoms on, and snuggling in the couch before Austin returned. He hit play just as Austin returned in nothing but loose plaid pajama pants falling down his waist line. Kellin's eyes flickered down, then quickly back up at Austin.
"C-cold?" He offered Austin to join under his blanket.
"Yeah kinda actually, thanks." He gave Kellin a smile and climbed under, fairly close to him. Kellin took a deep breath and focused on the movie. Sometime into it he heard Austin yelp and jump "Oh shit!" he buried his face into Kellin's shoulder. Kellin smiled, and his heart jumped at the feel of Austin's bare skin pressed against his. Austin got up fast.
"Uh- sorry dude.. that scared the shit out of me.."  
"Haha it's okay man. No worries." Kellin smiled and patted Austin's shoulder. He returned his attention to the screen, and felt Austin moving closer to him. Knee to knee with him, Austin lay his head on Kellins shoulder, as if he were sleeping. Kellin look down at him, and hesitantly began playing with his hair. Austin nuzzled into his neck, gently placing a kiss. Kellin's heart picked up. He knew Austin could feel his pulse quicken. Austin turned and kissed up Kellin's neck, lightly pressing his tongue with each kiss, reaching his jaw. Kellin let out a sharp breath and bent his neck. *Holy shit is this really happening?!* he thought. Austin grabbed his face and kissed him softly, gently moving his lips on Kellin's, teasing him. Kellin's eyes rolled back. *he tastes so fucking good....* 
"Mmmm...." Kellin let out. He grabbed Austin and pushed him down onto the couch, pressing tightly on him, kissing him fiercely. Austin grabbed Kellins back and moaned, a delicious sound crawling from his throat.
"I've been waiting so long..." Kellin whispered in hurried breaths. "You're so fucking delicious Austin Carlise." He gnawed down Austins neck viciously.
"Urrrgh.... Kellin..." His back arched as Kellin kissed down his chest, down his stomach, so his hips, licking them from one to the other. Kellin could she his hardness sticking up from under his pants. He smiled viciously. 
"No no baby. These must go" He yanked off Austins pants along with his own. He climbed back up to Austin's mouth and kissed hard. Tasting very last bit of him, feeling his tongue deep in his throat. Austin grabbed Kellin's crotch, touching greedily. Kellin moaned in Austin;s throat. At that, the tables turned. Austin sprang up and snatched up Kellin, carrying him off to his room. He threw him down and straddled him.
"You. Drive. Me. Crazy." Austin said, his voice ragged and rough. He moved his hips into him and leaned down and kissed him, his hands on his face, hips moving faster. The teasing, driving him crazy.
"What do you want Kellin?" He whispered, nipping at his ear.
"Unngh.... Y-you.." He sighed. He sprang up and flipped Kellin over, forcing him onto his knees, his face down into his pillow. Austin pulled Kellin's boxers down and lifted up his feet, taking them off completely, tossing them onto the floor, following suite with his own boxers. He spit in his hand, rubbing it all over him for lube. He gently pushed in.
"uhhnghh!!!" Kellin let out, grabbing his pillow tightly. Austin quickened his pace, groaning, sinking his nails into Kellin's sides.
"S-so..t-tight...." He went faster, looking down at Kellin, still gripping the pillow.
"Unngh.... Austin!" Austin went faster, making Kellin groan more, louder with each push. 
"M-more...." Kellin cried. Austin obeyed, pushing deeper into him. He could feel it building up, he wouldn't last much longer, especially hearing Kellin's sexy groans.
"K-Kellin.. i'm g-gunna...."
"In.. In me" Kellin commanded. With one last hard thrust of his hips, he came, shooting into him. Kellin sighed loundly and Austin pulled out, falling to his knees. Kellin collapsed onto his stomach, rolling onto his back panting, Austin crawled over to Kellin and kissed his forehead.
"Just so you know.... I love you...."
Kellin gasped and looked up at him

                                                                                 -End part one-



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